I am based in the UK and only really got into producing YouTube videos after a lot of persuasion from my older Brother, who is also A Minecraft gamer and YouTuber. We are definitely a Minecraft Family and you will sometimes see my 2 daughters on my channel playing along - BlobBasher & PixieSparkle. You can also check them out in our Vanilla Falls Series. Still working on getting Mrs WildTrekker involved!!!!

The Community is very important to me and I have made a lot of good friends through playing minecraft, I've been a member of "Zanecraft" "Gaurdian" and "Wildcraft" whitelisted servers and proud to be a member of New Eriador.

Whilst Minecraft is my main game, I do play other stuff, some of which I have put on my channel, but mostly not. These include GTA V, Dirt Rally, Fallout 4, Sims 4 and most of the Lego Games.

Outside of Gaming, my main interest is Photography, for which I have a separate channel, maybe one day I will share that with you, but do feel free to ask me any questions about that if you wish :D