Current Series

New Eriador SMP - Minecraft 1.9

With the rest of the crew from New Eriador, we are playing in the new Minecraft 1.9, with a few tweak's. Firstly the Co-ordinates have been removed from F3 to make things harder, plus we are focusing on Community building, rather than our own bases.

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Let's Play Minecraft 1.9

Playing in Minecraft 1.9 snapshots, this is my minecraft survival Let's play Minecraft series, which will be in the new snapshots as they are released, using what's new in 1.9 in a survival minecraft world.

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Modded Eriador Server

Playing Modded Minecraft, uising the Xisuminati Modpack, on the Modded Eriador Server with the rest of the crew from New Eriador. A real mix of Nubes and those who think they know Modded Minecraft (But probably don't)

Modded Eriador is a Modded, Whitelisted Minecraft Server with the Xisuminati Modpack established by the Members of New Eriador.

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Revenge of the C-Team - Modded Minecraft

Revenge of the C-Team is the official sequel to the smash hit Attack of the B-Team! This pack brings you all the wacky science, magic, and adventure you loved in the original, but this time with WAY more to do, explore, and see! Dozens of new mods have been added to make Revenge of the C-Team an improved and more unique experience than its predecessor.
The pack features 177 biomes. World generation has been meticulously tuned by ChimneySwift11 & Darkosto for the perfect adventure. Over 100 mods! Evil science, magic, and villager noses!

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